Event Manager
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Event Manager was born out of a two year project for a client. They have given us permission to clean it up and offer it for sale.

Event Manager v2 is a comprehensive data management tool developed by Designer Answers. Some of the main tools available in this solution are:

  • store names, addresses and telecoms for people and companies
  • send customised messages by email or letter
  • take event registrations through a step by step routine
  • process payments for registrations and send receipt
  • allow for different workshops or seminars to be selected
  • send a message with payment & registration confirmation details
  • manage pickup of people coming in by plane, train or bus
  • allocate people to rooms in appropriate motels or cabins
  • print lists of names, workshops, accommodation and travel details
  • event setup is customisable to allow for variations between events
  • each event can be copied from year to year to save you time
  • reports can be run for banking etc
  • mail merge a message for sending to a group of people
  • and many other features are available

The biggest advantage of Event Manager is that it will reduce the time to process a registration for both the current event and the next event you run. As there will already be people in Event Manager you get to save time on data entering their details. One of the standout features of Event Manager is that it keeps a full history of all events in the one location. Allowing you to see if people attend multiple events you run, which will then give you the option of giving them a special offer.

Please give us a call so we can chat about how Event Manager can work better for you and save you time and energy.

Please note Event Manager is a software solution and not an event management service.

For more information please download a 12 point summary of Designer Answers Event Manager.