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SubsMan was born out of a project for a client.

SubsMan v2 is a comprehensive data management tool developed by Designer Answers for the publishing industry. Some of the main tools available in this solution are:

  • store names, addresses and telecoms for people
  • send customised messages by email or letter to people or companies
  • process payments for subscriptions and send receipts
  • allow for different workshops or seminars to be selected
  • send a message with payment & subscription confirmation details
  • batch import of names with full duplicate checking
  • batch import of payments
  • reports can be run for banking etc
  • mail merge to email or letter for a group of people
  • messages can be fully customised based on subscription, length campaign and source
  • and many other features are available

Please call us so we can chat about how SubsMan™ can work for you and save you time and energy.