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FileMaker Inc software is the #1-selling easy-to-use database application that effortlessly manages all your information. It helps you mange your business so you can make more informed decisions.

FileMaker Pro 8.5 helps you organize, manage, and share all of your data, so you can uncover critical business information. And with 30 free starter solutions you can be more productive more quickly. Now you can turn your ideas into productive, creative, and customized solutions that you can tailor to solve your specific business problems, and share them securely with your whole workgroup.

Having worked with FileMaker Pro since version 3 the latest release of versions 7 & 8 is nothing short of revolutionary. Allowing developers and information managers the tool to manage data and work flows. But it also allows solutions to be developed and setup rapidly.

Designer Answers has clients around Australia in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Busselton. We visit them onsite to make changes but most clients prefer to setup a VPN connection to faciliate speed up technical support.

For more details on FileMaker Pro and related products, please visit FileMaker for up to the minute information.